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Personal Data Protection Policy

1.- NicLine Internet S.L.U. (, with registered office at C/ Circunde nº 16, Polígono Industrial La Portalada, 26006 Logroño (La Rioja), Spain, pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Policy (LOPD) 15/99 of December 13 and further regulations, hereby confirms that  this policy will be applied to every user of the website, when providing personal data through any of the means provided in this website, formalizing a contractual relation or using any of the services offered by, that implies the communication or access to data by this one, which entails that the user grants his free, unequivocal, specific, informed and express consent for the treatment of his personal data.

2.-  Personal data obtained during the process of signing up through are included in a file under Nicline Internet, S.L.U. ( responsibility, and registered in the Data Protection Agency.  Nicline Internet, S.L.U. ( shall take all the necessary technical and administartive measures to ensure security integrity, and confidentiality of all data.

3.- hereby informs that the collecting and managing of all the personal data comprises the attention to users requests, the formalization and execution of the contract and the own tasks of the service provided which are the subject of the contract, as well as the maintenance of the historical of the commercial relations during the legal terms established, for which will be able to contact the RSP through email, sms or any of the means indicated by the client.

The RSP will be able to choose in the sign-up form, whether he wishes or not to receive commercial information. In the affirmative case, his data will be treated, together with the aforementioned purposes, for sending commercial communications regarding the contracted services or similar ones. However, the RSP can show his disagreement in each one of the commercial communications received or through the contact address:

4. hereby informs its users about the “cookies”. “Cookies” are small files that our servers send to users of the website and which automatically collect information on the visitor’s IP address, the day and time he starts and finishes the visit, as well as information on the different sections from the web being visited.

Users can configure their browser in order to receive a notification about the "cookies" being sent to them or to avoid such reception. In this last case, such action will not avoid users to visualize the website.

5.- Users shall be entitled to defend and execute their access, opposition, rectification, and cancellation rights, at anytime, through the email or throught a written request sent to registered office, aforementioned and a copy of your ID card (Passport, etc.), explaining in detail their request.

6. Pursuant  to Section 11 of the LOPD and further regulations,  hereby confirms that it will carry out as many personal data transfers or communications as neccesary to comply with the obligations  required by competent authorities and/or any other entity,  according to the applicable legislation.

In full compliance with the electronic communications and public networks Act 25/2007 of October 18 hereby confirms users that it shall earn the right to keep and retain all traffic data produced in the course of communications when required by competent bodies.

As a result of the domain names registration service provided and following ICANN requirements or the competent registrant entity requirements, the domain holder authorizes the publication of holder, administrative, technical and billing contacts data which all need to be public and accesible from the Whois Database. Therefore, the RSP is compelled to obtain authorization to publish data aforementioned.

Consequently the RSP shall be made responsible for announcing domain holders that their personal data will be transferred to later be treated by shall be entitled to make all personal data available for all nacional or internacional entities requiring such data complying with the aforementioned liabilities and obligations.

Likewise, the RSP is compelled to announce the Wholesaler that all his personal data and also data from the domains he manages shall be transferred and manage by for the purpose of rendering services in full compliance with this Data Protection Policy.

Consequently, the Wholesaler is compelled to obtain suthorizations form the domain holders  that he manages and report on such authorizations. In the case that  RSP and domain name holder were not the same person, the RSP shall be the sole responsible for obtaining authorization to making public the aforementioned data.

Therefore, the RSP shall be made responsible for announcing domain holders that their personal data will be transferred for treatment to shall be entitled to make all personal data available for those nacional or internacional entities requiring such data, in order to be able to provide the services.

Pursuant to section 42 of Commercial Code, can also transfer personal data - only for the purposes detailed trough this policy - to any of the companies from its Enterprise Group and which provide domain names services and other similar services, for which the user/RSP gives his consent in advance.

 7. The RSP accepts and acknowledges that all data provided are true and accurate and, should he edit or change it, he commits himself to keep all data updated, not being able to use the identity of another person nor to communicate other people's personal data, except in the case of having a legally accredited authorization.The RSP shall be the sole responsible for keeping all data information true and accurate and managing all domain data accuracy disputes.

For these purposes, the RSP will be the sole responsible for any direct and /or indirect damage to third parties or to for using another person’s data or of his own personal data  when they are false, erroneous, non updated or inadequate. Likewise, the RSP shall be made responsible if he publishes personal data of a third person pursuant to section 5.4 of the LOPD in the case data have not been obtained  for the concerned person and /or the consequences of failing to inform him.

8. Pursuant to section 12 of the LOPD and concordant articles of the Royal Decree 1720/2007, of December, 21 for which the Development regulations of the LOPD (RDLOPD) is approved, the access and treatment of personal data (responsibility and ownership of the RSP) by, - for the proper provision of contracted services - will not be considered announcement and transfer of data. In these cases, shall act as the one in charge of the treatment of data and will carry out the access and/or treatment of data according to the following terms:

8.1. will only deal with data according to the RSP instructions, which is the responsible for the running of data and they will not be used with a different purpose  to the one indicated in this policy. shall not transmit data even for its preservation, to another non-authorized person and will be the responsible to transfer data to a third party, previous  instructions of the RSP responsible for the treatment of data, pursuant the applicable legislation.
8.2. Personal data, documents where data are indicated as well as any kind of information created while the service is provided will be destroyed when the service is terminated.
Nevertheless, during the time that any liability may arise from its relation with the RSP, may maintain blocked the aforementioned data.
8.3. shall be made responsible for the treatment of data, in the cases they are used for another purpose, the data are communicated or used breaching the service agreements.

8.4. Pursuant to section 10 of the LOPD, is committed to maintain proper confidentiality regarding personal data to which it must access and/or deal with the purpose of fulfil in each case with the aim of the service provided, during and also after the termination of the service, committing itself to use this information only for the purpose planned in each case and to demand the same level of commitment to any person working in the entity who take part in the running of personal data, responsibility of the RSP.

8.5. has adopted the necessary measures to guarantee the security of the personal data, in agreement with the established in Title VIII of the RDLOPD, and guarantees that personal data will only be registered in files that meet the requirements specified in the current legislation.

In this sense, and regarding the ways to access the data, taking into account that provides services in its own domicile, being different from the RSP responsible of the treatment of data, the RSP will collect in its security document the circumstances regarding the treatment of data in the terms required by the applicable legislation, incorporating the safety measures to implant regarding data.

8.6. In the case data are necessary for the service provided, the RSP authorizes, acting as the one in charge of the treatment of data to subcontract to third parties on behalf of the RSP, the services of storage and care of backups taking into account at any moment the obligations included in the LOPD and its regulations. executes with the subcontracted enterprise  a contract of data access for the services provided, to comply with section 12 of the LOPD and section 20 of the RDLOPD, acting according to the requirements registered in these clauses.

The RSP as the person in charge of the treatment of data, will be able to contact at any moment with with the purpose of knowing the identification data of the organizations that are subcontracted for the services provided.

8.7.Likewise, the RSP responsible for the treatment of data authorizes to carry out the following actions as long as they are accredited to be necessary to provide the services and with a maximum length similar to the validity of the service agreement and/or the authorizations carried out:

·  to carry out only the treatment of  personal data in portable devices of data processing by users or  user’s profiles assigned to the provided services; 

·  to carry out the treatment of data outside the domiciles of the RSP responsible for the treatment or, only by users assigned to the provided services;

·  the input and output of documents that contain personal data, including the electronic mails, out of  the domiciles under the control of the RSP responsible for the treatment of data;

·  the execution of the procedures of data recovery that may become obliged to execute.



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